UniHance | Education & Courses

About us:

Unihance is the first decentralized E-learning social platform in the MENA region.

A platform where professional online tutors can create online courses and sell them directly to the Unihance community with free of charge course creation. Moreover,

Unihance is an E-learning social network platform where users can communicate with each other in real-time and share ideas.

Vision & Mission:

Our vision is to increase cooperation between universities and the marketplace to minimize the gap of knowledge and skills.

Our mission is to enrich the Arabic E-learning content!

Unihance will be the largest students, instructors, academies, and universities network in the Arabic world.

What is Unihance:

· Unihance is a peer-to-peer E-learning social network, providing and creating a wide platform where universities, academies, companies, and individuals around the Arabic world can share and gain knowledge.

· Unihance is designed to enable fellow students to have clear vision after graduation and produce enough qualified graduates with skills that served the needs of the emerging knowledge economy and update them with the latest technologies and technical skills that are used in the current and future market.

· Through Unihance sub features, users now can, share their ideas and connect and chat with no limits and high privacy to instructors – universities – academics - and students around the world, create professional profile and add latest experience and achievements where companies can find you easily, follow your favorite companies and apply to the best jobs that suit your skills and experience.

· We at Unihance believe the best way to start, launch and grow is through the power of knowledge, networks, and learning from those who have been there. That is why we created Unihance, the leading peer-to-peer E learning, to support networks that are ambitious.